What You Need To Boost Your Hair Brand

What You Need To Boost Your Hair Brand

Do you have a hair brand that is affordable, but you are not making sales yet? This is just the right article for you because here I am going to take you through a few tips that can boost and promote your hair brand in more ways than one.

  1. Have A Website: The importance of websites cannot be over-emphasized enough. Having a website attracts potential customers to your brand. It is professional to have an email address with your domain names such as cynthia@yourwebsite.com or myhairbrand@gmail.com. Make your website design interactive, attractive, and functional. An interactive website attracts traffic to it which is a good marketing platform.
  2. Wear Your Hair Brand: There is a saying; seeing is believing. When people see the beauty of your hair product on you, they are convinced to patronize you. You can attend functions and introduce yourself to people. Dazzle your hair from different angles so you can create attention to yourself and your hair. Make sure you take pictures of yourself and place them on your personal website and social media accounts.
  3. Facebook Marketing: Facebook is one of the most popular social platforms in the world. It connects different people together. It also provides diverse opportunities to promote your business.

You can create a business page on Facebook. A business page allows you to post and promote your business and products. Your personal Facebook page can be used to promote your business too. It has your friends and family members on it. They can help share your business posts to their own wall.

There is a Facebook marketplace that is free to use to list and promote your brand while you communicate directly with prospective buyers around you.

  1. Email Marketing: This allows you to keep in touch regularly with your potential customers and existing customers. You can get their names and email addresses so you can contact them with necessary information such as new products, promo sales, new website updates. It is the cheapest yet effective method of marketing.
  2. Instagram Marketing: Instagram is a great platform for showing off pictures. Create an Instagram page for your hair brand. Post pictures of you or your clients putting on your hair brand. When you post pictures of your clients, they feel important and recommend your brand to others. Use Instagram to show off on promotions and special sales you are offering to the public. Depending on your budget, Instagram advertising is another form of promotion. Sponsored ads of your products are displayed around Instagram. You can also make use of Instagram stories to show how you run your business daily.
  3. Social Media Influencers: They are people on social media with high authority over their followers. They create a social relationship with people online. On Twitter, about 45% of sales are from the guidance or influence of a social media influencer. The biggest influences ask for large pay and/or your product before they can advertise for you. If you can’t afford them, you can go for the lesser ones you can afford.
  4. Make A Business Card: Business cards are given out directly. You can use that medium to interact with the person and talk about your brand. It is important to have a well-designed business card and make sure you carry one with you every time. When you get a compliment after handing out a card, you have caught the attention of a prospective customer. There are different kinds of cards; plastic, metal, silk, foil cards.
  5. Donate to A Charity: It is important for a business to be sociable and charitable. You can target a local charity organization and support their cause. You can supply your brand to them for free and take pictures of them. This can be put on your website and social media accounts. This will catch the attention of your prospective customers and make them pitch with you.
  6. Reviews: We love reading reviews before patronizing a product. You don’t have much control over your reviews but you can talk to satisfied customers to leave good reviews about you online. They can write reviews on your website or on your social media business pages such as Facebook. This gives prospective buyers a good impression of your brand.
  7. Picture Contest: This creates a lot of exposure for your brand. An Instagram contest is a preferable choice. It involves telling your customers to post a picture of them using your brand, like your business page, tag their friends, and tell them to like your page too and schedule duration for the contest. The picture with the highest likes wins a prize. This will cause traffic to your page and attract potential customers.

Other ways to boost your hair brand include:

  • Use of print media
  • Radio Advertisement
  • Write an ebook
  • Create a blog and network with other bloggers
  • Billboard advertisement.

It is important to keep investing in your hair brand. Create avenues to meet and convince potential customers to patronize your brand.

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