The DP Beauty Program is a Free Beauty Day sponsored by Donna Prescott Beauty for anyone who is dealing with severe hair loss. This Beauty day consists of a Wig from our hairline collection, a salon service to install a wig, a spa service in our salon, make-up, and a mini photo shoot.

This free contest is launched on our business IG page @donnaprescottbeauty on the first of every month and a winner is chosen on the 3rd. Anyone dealing with severe hair loss can nominate themself or be nominated by someone else by telling us via DM that they deserve a beauty day on Donna Prescott Beauty.

  • NY Liberty Interview

    Donna Prescott has been in the hair care industry for over 23 years and is currently celebrating her business’ 10-year anniversary. 

  • Brooklyn Paper

    A Crown Heights hairstylist will treat women suffering hair loss to a makeover and spa day once a month this year, starting with a Bedford-Stuyvesant resident suffering multiple sclerosis, who couldn’t be happier with the results. 

  • Shearshare Podcast

    In a new episode of In My Chair, we sit down with ShearShare host, Donna Prescott of Donna Prescott Hair Salon. Donna Shares her story which starts on the Island of St. Lucia and journey's all the way to Brooklyn, New York. Donna also updates us on her experience running a business through the COVID pandemic and shares how ShearShare has been key to the success of her salon.

  • She Thrives Podcast

    Donna Prescott was born on the island of St Lucia and moved to the United States of America at the age of 16. Not long after immigrating to the United States, Donna became a teenage mother. Fast forward a few decades later,Donna is aSalon Owner based in Brooklyn NY.

  • Difference Maker

    She sees how something as simple as making a wig for someone with no hair, or giving a make over to someone can shed some light and positivity into their lives and make them feel beautiful again, like a woman again, like a person again. 

  • Amsterdam News

    Donna Prescott Beauty in Crown Heights offers luxury salon services, hair extensions and luxury wigs. Ellie is seen preening with a new ponytail.

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A hair salon in Brooklyn is giving back to those suffering from hair loss in the community in a very special way.